A Planned Giving Guide to In-Person Events

3 Keys to Finding Planned Givers 1

Remember talking to donors face-to-face? That time is coming! Who knows? You might even shake some hands again. In-person community events, galas and fundraisers are going to be filling up our calendars once more. Now is the time to consider how you will communicate with donors about planned giving without making that handshake a sweaty one. 

Since thinking about your eventual demise is a bit of a buzzkill at a party or a fundraising 5k, it’s best to plant the seed without being too direct. Instead, tell your story. The people who have supported your nonprofit and made the work possible are a big part of your story! 

Tell it. Galas and dinners provide unique opportunities for storytellingTell about a beloved, late donor who left a bequest, or better yet, have a family member of that donor talk about how much your organization means to the family and the legacy their loved one left. These stories show other donors how planned giving impacts both their loved ones and the organizations they support.

Table it. If there’s no time in the schedule for another speaker, or if your desired speaker is unable to present, write up the story and leave it on tables as a standalone piece or as part of a printed program.

Tuck it. At your 5k or your food drive, there are no speakers or tables, but you might have registration packets or thank-you swag bags. Include that inspirational writeup for participants to read when they get home.

Track it. 
Send thank-you letters to participants and attendees. Include an insert with your inspirational legacy story. Continue to check in with your loyal supporters.

Keep cultivating a planned giving message. Your loyal donors will make or update estate plans when life events throw them a curveball. If they’ve been hearing your legacy message, they will remember you when the time comes.