How Your Volunteers Can Change the World and Your Budget

dog with leash

Did you know you work in one of the only industries that can help end polarization in our society? Animal welfare organizations are uniquely positioned to bring people together in spite of their differences. 

Among your volunteers, love for animals and a fierce desire to protect them is the common denominator. Their affinity for animals will eventually build affinity for other volunteers because they share a core common value—they believe that all living things deserve love and care. 

Their connection to each other will foster a greater connection to your nonprofit. One of the strongest indicators of a good prospect for planned giving is their affinity for an organization. No one loves your place like the people who spend their extra time there.  

The more attached they are to you and your other volunteers, the more likely they are to feel your community is part of their family. They don’t have to be major donors to have a significant financial impact on your future by naming your nonprofit in their wills. 

Planned giving is built on a long, strong relationship. When you enhance opportunities for people to connect with each other, they will also grow more closely connected to you, and everyone benefits.