Build a Better Budget, Build a Better Future


pink ceramic pig coin bank

It’s tempting to put money where you will see immediate results. Annual campaigns affect the bottom line here and now, and it’s always gratifying to see checks rolling in. But focusing on today will not prepare for tomorrow. You’re always going to be behind if long-term planning is not a priority. 

Budgets should reflect more than just the cost of operating. When you decide how to spend those budget dollars, you are shaping the future of your organization. 

Cultivating planned giving offers long-term benefits to nonprofits. The average estate gift is estimated to be worth somewhere between $30,000-70,000; a gift of that size is more than worthy of your investment of time and budget.  

When planned giving takes root in your organization, it will grow into a shelter from the storms and droughts of annual giving, giving you protection and more freedom to make the most of new opportunities. 

So when you put together the budget for the coming fiscal year, consider the future you are shaping. A good planned giving program will more than pay for itself!