Finding your MacKenzie Scott Donors

Myths and Misconceptions about Modern Legacy Giving

How can you attract a gift from MacKenzie Scott? The famous philanthropist has been stirring things up, spreading big money around to nonprofits both large and small. What could you do to get a gift like that? 

The fact is, you might already have your own MacKenzie Scott in your donor database. Sure, yours might not be the ex-spouse of one of the richest people in the world, but many nonprofits can tell the story of the donor who came out of nowhere to leave behind a legacy gift that no one could have predicted.  

The elderly woman who gave $5 a month to the animal shelter, only to leave them her entire estate of $1.3 million. The man who appreciated the way the hospital cared for his mother when she was dying of cancer–he kept a low profile but left a surprise gift in his will. 

It’s nice to get a surprise gift, but it’s even better when you can plan for the future around known gifts. 

Here’s the funny thing: you can predict them. You just have to get to know your donors better. Not just the usual major donors, but the people we call “hidden major donors.” We can help. Here are some things to look for among recent donors: 

1. How long they have been donors 

2. Total number of gifts 

3. How they came to know about your organization 

4. Why they care about your organization  

5. Whether or not they volunteer with your organization 

6. Particular demographics—marital status, age, number of children, etc. 

That’s the starting point.  

How do you do it with so many people on your list? At Canopy, we help you learn about why your donors care about you, keep an automated conversation going with them to help determine which donors on your list are most likely to leave a gift with their estate, and uncover donors who have already named you in their plans.  

Beyond that, you can develop the relationship with all that information on hand. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s find the surprise legacy gifts in your files so you can better plan for the future. Get started today with our Growth Plan.