Getting to the Heart of the Matter

When the doctor tells the patient they have high cholesterol and it’s time to make some changes to keep their heart strong, what will be the biggest motivator for the patient? A list of statistics about how high cholesterol leads to heart disease? Possibly. A whole bunch of technical information on how the heart works? Maybe.  

How about reminding them of the people they love—a spouse, children, siblings who love and need them—and the life they want to share with them? Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. 

Estate planning is a series of big decisions and processes that can seem complicated and intimidating. Donors know they need to do something about it. They may have yet to start on it, or they have a 20-year-old plan that needs updating. How can you help them move past the stress and fears so they can get started on the path to peace of mind? 

You don’t want to throw a bunch of statistics, numbers and jargon at them. That is likely to confuse and intimidate them even more. 

Get to the heart of the matter. Help donors think about the legacy they want to build. Here are some things to get them thinking: 

  • How will their family members be provided for if something happens? 
  • What lasting impact will they make on the world? 
  • How can they show their loved ones what causes and beliefs they hold dear? 
  • What example do they want to set for their loved ones? 

It all comes back to the heart of the matter. When you speak with donors, make sure you are addressing the issues that are closest to their hearts. 

If you would like to learn more about how to do that, Canopy is here to help. We started this company because we want to make a difference and we know you do too.