Myths and Misconceptions about Modern Legacy Giving

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Planned giving, or legacy giving, is an important part of development. As a nonprofit professional, perhaps you’ve started thinking about legacy giving, but you’re having trouble getting it off the ground. Or maybe you’re well-seasoned in your efforts, but you’re stuck in a rut without any measurable results. How do you know that your legacy giving initiatives are really working?  

Making assumptions about legacy giving could cost you—literally. We’ll help you plan ahead so that you don’t get caught in the traps.  

Let’s demystify legacy giving! We recently led a webinar for the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance, geared toward early- and mid-career development professionals who want to see their legacy giving initiatives grow and expand. This webinar is especially helpful for growing mid-sized nonprofits with an established donor base. We have now made it available at no cost to you.  

What’s covered in the webinar? 

  1. Legacy giving 101: A 10-minute crash course
  2. Debunking 5 common myths and misconceptions
  3. Best practices in legacy giving, including an easy-to-follow audit to take stock of your existing legacy giving programs and practices
  4. Q and A with development industry experts  

If you watch this webinar, or even if you don’t, you would definitely benefit from the S.W.O.T. assessment. Download your free S.W.O.T. analysis worksheet today!

There are so many products and services out there for nonprofits contemplating their planned giving programs, make sure that yours is working for you.