The Magic of Data-Driven Surveys

The Magic of Data-Driven Surveys 2

Have you tried surveying your donors about planned giving? Have the results been magical or a horror show? Often surveys begin with good intentions and end in frustration when no one takes the time to respond. 

Donor surveys should have a great ROI. Why spend time, energy and money on a survey no one answers? Don’t get me wrong; donor surveys are one of the best and most effective tools you can use. But the magic is in the method. 

Here are some proven ways to make the planned giving survey process more magic than mystery: 

  • Speak to the heart of your donor. You are a trusted partner, not a lawyer. Ask them how they came to your nonprofit and what keeps them with you.
  • Find out what aspects of planned giving appeal to them the most—for example, making sure their loved ones are provided for or making the world a better place.
  • Send surveys to the donors you most want to hear from—those who have a long, steady relationship with you. Hint: they might not be on your major donor list. Surveys are a great way to uncover hidden major donors.
  • Use the USPS! Surveys mailed the old-fashioned way are much more likely to get responses than an online survey. 
  • Remember that the survey is not the end of the conversation—it is only the beginning. A well-formed survey program will keep you in touch with your donors in an extended dialogue as they continue on their estate planning journeys. 

The Canopy program has a historical average response rate of 15%. We can’t wait to see what we can conjure up for you!