The Secret Upside of Downsized Donor Bases

While American philanthropic giving is increasing every year, Eileen R. Heisman of the National Philanthropic Trust points out in her article “2019 Philanthropy Trends to Watch” that the number of American households giving continues to go down. Fewer people are giving more money.

What does this mean for you?

It’s a little frightening to think about shrinking donor bases. How do you meet ever-increasing budget and capital needs with a smaller group of donors?

There is a hidden upside here. Some of your work is being done for you. The people who continue to give—and even increase their giving—to your organization are self-identifying as being highly invested in your work. They are already demonstrating that what you do matters deeply to them.

According to Heisman, “philanthropists want to stay close to their charitable dollars. It is safe to assume that they may also want to align their values with their charitable investments.” And that’s what they are doing. By giving to your organization, they are aligning their values with their investments.

Here’s where you come in. Planned giving offers you the perfect way to help your donors create a legacy. By giving a gift from what they have been saving and growing with their time and energy over their lifetimes, they are building on what they have already set about doing. Planned giving is an extension of what they have already demonstrated through their annual giving.

You are in the perfect position to start them on the road to legacy giving. Let Canopy guide you in that process.