Will Planned Giving Hurt My Other Campaigns?

It’s a common concern—won’t a planned giving campaign hurt my other fundraising efforts? After all, if someone puts us in their will, they will feel they have done their part. That might negatively affect their annual giving. 

As logical as it may seem, that concern is completely unfounded. Donors who name an organization in their will often increase their annual giving as well. By naming your nonprofit in their will, they have made you a part of their legacy, and they now have a stronger interest in your efforts. 

A good planned giving campaign will inspire donors rather than overwhelm them with detailed information. It should help them see the benefits of good estate planning, for themselves, their loved ones, and the organizations they name.  

A good campaign should also tap into what inspires your donors to give. When you learn what moves them to support your cause, you can understand better how to serve their estate planning needs. They want to be part of leaving the world a better place, and you can help them think through the best ways to do that. 

Planned giving is the ultimate show of support for an organization. You have an important role to play in helping them take that step.