Will a Planned Giving Campaign Negatively Affect My Current Fundraising?

Will Planned Giving Negatively Affect My Current Fundraising Campaign?

“The tyranny of the urgent” is a phrase coined by Charles E. Hummel, but it’s also an apt description of most of our days. The immediate need often cancels out the long-range plan. We have important bills to pay today, but if we never set long-range savings goals, we will still be struggling to pay the bills ten years from now.

In fundraising for nonprofits, the urgent might include a capital campaign to add much-needed space to your facility. It could just be the day-to-day monumental task of raising dollars for the annual fund. These are things you have to address immediately, and that money needs to come from your donors, right?

So how do you ask them about future planned gifts when you are already hitting them up for today’s needs?

It’s simple. These are not two completely separate asks. People who are committed to giving today are interested in giving in the future. And people who decide to include your organization in their wills are much more likely to increase their current giving.

Canopy is dedicated to guiding you on the path to uncovering hidden donors who want to support your current campaigns and build a strong foundation for the future. The first step is to identify those donors. The next step is to build their awareness of planned giving, planting the seeds for a warm conversation about what matters to them most.

They are right there on your donor list; let Canopy help you find them!