Canopy’s planned giving program delivers your nonprofit’s vision with measurable results.

Canopy has a unique take on fundraising for nonprofits. We will guide you as you cultivate deeper relationships with the people who love what you do. We’ll help you take them from supporters to donors, communicating how they can leave a legacy in ways that are simple and compelling. Canopy’s messaging and approach get to the heart of what donors value most so that their giving is rooted in their desire to make the world a better place, both now and in the future.

Canopy is Designed for Nonprofits

Canopy helps identify people who are passionate about your mission, leads them to the possibilities of legacy giving, and gets important feedback for you about their desire to be part of your organization’s future. Whether your nonprofit focuses on arts and culture, animal welfare, higher education, or other important work, Canopy has the resources and tools to increase giving through wills.

Canopy for Arts and Cultural Programs

Your organization strives to draw people together, to share experiences, and to bring beauty and meaning into the world. Because you are an important part of your community, there are many people who are passionate about your work and who believe in your mission. The people who support you today (docents, members, and volunteers) also want to build a legacy for the future. Canopy will help you find those people and transform them into legacy givers.

Canopy for Animal Welfare Organizations

Your nonprofit works tirelessly to improve the lives of animals and the people who love them. Canopy can help you protect and care for the needs and rights of our four-legged friends both now and in the future. We’ll help you develop closer relationships with people who care as deeply as you do, leading you to a new and larger pool of legacy gifts.

Canopy for Education

Funding higher education is more important and more complex than ever before. Canopy goes beyond your short list of major donors to reveal a much larger number of loyal supporters who are committed to continuing the vision of excellence that your staff and faculty have established. Canopy will help you build a strong foundation of legacy giving while enhancing your current fundraising campaigns.

How to Get Started

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Free Planned Giving Growth Plan

The Growth Plan outlines your estate gift potential, includes the four pillars of Canopy's program, and shares customized program options that meet your organization's specific goals.

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Get Started With Canopy

If you want an effective, measurable program for increasing planned giving that is proven, sustainable, and simple to implement and maintain, get Canopy today.

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