Fund your organization through the largest transfer of wealth in human history

In the next few years, generous people will donate billions to nonprofits, giving through their wills. With Canopy, you can be part of this historic tidal wave of generosity.

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Building Relationships

Canopy will guide you into new and deeper relationships with your donors. Find out what matters to them and how they would like to partner with you.

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Simple and Sustainable

Canopy reduces the time and effort that your Development Team dedicates to soliciting planned gifts and increases its effectiveness with measurable results, not just for one campaign or one year, but for years to come. With Canopy, your conversations with supporters focus on mission, not money.

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Increased Giving

Canopy will help you identify passionate donors who want to give more—both in planned gifts and in ongoing contributions. Better still, using Canopy means that tomorrow's funding won't compromise today's giving.

Canopy: the integrated planned giving platform for nonprofits.

Canopy helps nonprofit organizations market, measure, and maintain their planned giving programs.

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Many Development Teams struggle to talk to donors about planned giving. Canopy makes it simple to encourage supporters to make a lasting contribution to the organizations and causes they care about most.

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The heart of Canopy is a sophisticated, data-driven program for identifying and increasing your donors' bequests and planned gifts, and making that information available and shareable.

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Most Development teams avoid talking about planned giving because it’s a difficult subject — and they don’t want to do it wrong. Canopy trains your team on how to talk to donors about lasting gifts.

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S.W.O.T. Analysis Worksheet

S.W.O.T. analysis is a tool designed to help you identify your internal strengths and weaknesses, and your external opportunities and threats. By identifying these factors, we can set strategic goals and yield better results. Download your free worksheet today!

How to Get Started

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Free Planned Giving Growth Plan

The Growth Plan outlines your estate gift potential, includes the four pillars of Canopy's program, and shares customized program options that meet your organization's specific goals.

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Get Started With Canopy

If you want an effective, measurable program for increasing planned giving that is proven, sustainable, and simple to implement and maintain, get Canopy today.

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