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When your donors consider creating or updating their will or estate plan, it’s normal to immediately think of the legal ins and outs of passing along assets and property to heirs or causes they care about. But have they considered the idea of an ethical will? Ethical wills, or “legacy letters” give your supporters an opportunity to pass along guiding principles, treasured memories and personal wishes to their loved ones. Leaving a legacy isn’t just about things–it’s about communicating what is in the heart. When your donor comes to you ready to share a legacy, be prepared with this simple tool that can help.

We’ll help you…

  • Integrate your legacy efforts. You are already engaging with your most loyal donors for supporting you. Bring legacy giving into your conversations.
  • Lead with inspiration. Your donors are passionate about your mission and want to know that you care about their values. Tell them stories that speak to the heart.
  • Call your donors to take action. Invite your donors to learn more about legacy giving options. No more cold calls!

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