Canopy Resources is committed to making the world a better place by helping nonprofits do more good over more time with planned giving.

Your organization has goals and dreams; so do your donors. We created Canopy so organizations like yours can cultivate deeper relationships with the people who love and believe in what you do. Canopy will provide messaging that gets to the heart of what donors value most so that giving is rooted in their desire to make the world a better place, both today and tomorrow.

Why Canopy for Nonprofits is called "Canopy"

At Canopy, we look at the big picture for nonprofits. We’ll be your guides as you cultivate donors, not donations. Every supporter, no matter how small, is a seed. When you care for every tiny individual seed, together those seedlings will grow into something mighty. They create a vital, vibrant shelter for a healthy and abundant future for your organization.

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Why we founded Canopy Resources

We have always wanted to make the world a better place. Then we heard the news. An estimated $59 trillion is going to change hands from this generation to the next, and that money can only go to three places—heirs, taxes, and nonprofits. We learned of a very successful planned giving program for faith-based organizations, and we were inspired to bring that same successful approach to the broader world of nonprofits.

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How to Get Started

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Free Planned Giving Growth Plan

The Growth Plan outlines your estate gift potential, includes the three pillars of Canopy's program, and shares customized program options that meet your organization's specific goals.

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Get Started With Canopy

If you want an effective, measurable program for increasing planned giving that is proven, sustainable, and simple to implement and maintain, get Canopy today.

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