3 Keys to Finding Planned Givers

two person holding papercut heart

This year we worked with a major Midwest food bank to uncover $1.6 million in new planned giving commitments. How did we help them do it? And, more importantly, how can you do it too?

Donor surveys are integral to the Canopy program. Lots of consultants offer survey programs, but ours are a little different. The reason for our huge response rate is this: we pay close attention to what brings the donor to you. There are three key areas that we explore with our surveys.

  1. Person. How did your donor first become aware of you? Was it through volunteer work, another donor, a staff member, or someone who was helped by your organization? 
  2. Passion. Why does your donor support you? Knowing why they choose to support your nonprofit over many others is key to deepening your relationship with the donor. 
  3. Preference. How does the donor prefer to support your work?  

These are three important parts of your donor’s individual story, and there are as many different stories as there are donors. The way to really know your donor is to know what matters most to them. When you show that you care, you can establish a trusting relationship—and that’s where the most fruitful planned giving conversations happen.