How Can I Measure the Results of My Planned Giving Efforts?

We all want to see results.How Can I Tell My Planned Giving Efforts Are Working?

If you’ve ever owned a car, you know the joys keeping a car running. Even the best cars need work sometimes. Say you bring your car to a mechanic for repairs. The waiting area is clean, modern and comfortable. You settle in with a complimentary cup of coffee and a great wifi connection while the mechanic gets to work on your car. Sounds good so far.

But how do you know that the mechanic has done a good job? You know when the car starts for you and the engine is running smoothly. You know when you see the results.

In your fundraising appeals, you always include a checkbox for people who would like to give a gift through their wills. Do you hear back from them? You’ve attempted some donor calls about planned giving, and some of them have gone well. Maybe you even have an amazing website service that provides your donors all they could ever want to know about planned giving.

How do you know if it’s working?

Let’s face it, as important as your nonprofit’s work is, the success of the organization depends on the development team. Everyone is counting on you. That means that no matter how much you love and support the organization, success in your job comes down to results. Fundraising efforts are judged on how many gifts they bring in, not on how nice a website looks or how many people get asked.

You need a planned giving program that will give you measurable results.

At Canopy, we use mailed surveys. It might sound old school—there are so many online options! But a paper survey is the best way to reach older donors. According to the Pew Research Center, “one-third of adults ages 65 and older say they never use the internet, and roughly half (49%) say they do not have home broadband services.” How will they ever get to your website?

Customized, mailed paper surveys that ask the right questions are the simplest, most effective way to get to the heart of what your donors value about your work, and what they want to do.

With a good survey, they will also let you know if they have already included your organization in their wills. You’ll know if they are interested in leaving a gift in their will before you ever ask them, and your job will be to grow a relationship.

Canopy is based on a proven system that will uncover the hidden major donors in your database and will lead you through the process of building and strengthening your relationship with them.

You will see the results for yourself.