Is Your Planned Giving Program on Track?

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Development professionals know, it’s all about meeting your annual giving goal. That’s how your strategies are assessed and your performance is evaluated. But just like you don’t get a whole oak tree the same year you put the acorn in the ground, planned giving takes time and results are hard to measure in an annual plan.

How can you evaluate the success of your planned giving efforts on a year-by-year basis?

Take a moment to think through these important questions today to produce results in the future.

  1. How many estate gifts are you already aware of? This is the most obvious measurement, but if you want to show growth, it’s not enough.
  2. Are you consistently adding new known estate gifts each year? 
  3. What percentage of your most active donors are known estate givers? An excellent planned giving program’s goal should be 5% of those who are active within the last 24 months.
  4. Which of your donors are good prospects for a conversation about planned giving? The size of the annual gift is not the best indicator of how interested they might be in planned giving. More important is the frequency and longevity of their giving.
  5. How are you spreading the word about planned giving? Make sure you aren’t overwhelming your donors with more information than they want or can handle. Focus on inspiration over information, helping them understand why planned giving is a uniquely powerful way to give.

Blaze a trail today to a thriving tomorrow for your organization.

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