Keeping Health and Human Services Healthy

Keeping Health and Human Services Healthy

You are important! The last few years have shown that nonprofits in the health and human services sector have been vital to keeping our country alive and moving forward. We want to see your organization continue to serve long into the future. 

A recent blog post from BDO points some ways to secure the future for nonprofits, and we agree! Here are their suggestions, and the way that Canopy Resources can help you use them: 

  1. “Diversify funding sources.”
    Along with other income sources, one way to diversify your revenue stream is to turn annual givers into legacy givers. Did you know that donors who name an organization in their wills also up their annual giving? It’s a win-win! Our program helps you find the annual givers who are interested in adding you to their estate plans.
  2. “Leverage technology to refocus efforts.”
    You can’t call all the donors on your annual giving list to talk to them about planned giving. Like the blog post says, “
    Successfully increasing efficiency frees up employees’ time and resources, allowing them to shift from more mundane tasks to spend more time on higher value work.” Canopy’s automated dialogue with donors will create the high-value list of planned giving prospects that you need while you check other important things off your to-do list. 
  3. “Explore partnership opportunities with other organizations.”
    Here we are, at your service. Canopy can partner with you to make your planned giving program more strategic. We want to help you know the hearts and minds of your hidden major donors.

Want to know more? Do you wonder what kind of numbers your planned giving program should be aiming for? Read about Canopy’s program or get a growth plan that will give a target range for your organization. 

Let’s plant the seeds now to keep your work growing and protected for generations to come!