Make-A-Will Month: Strengthen your Nonprofit’s Future This August

Make-A-Will Month: Strengthen your Nonprofits’ Future this August

Make-A-Will Month is an annual initiative that focuses on raising awareness about the importance of creating a will and planning for the future. While this campaign primarily emphasizes the benefits for individuals and families, it also presents valuable opportunities for nonprofits. Here’s why Make-A-Will Month holds great importance for organizations like yours: 

  • Legacy Giving. Make-A-Will Month serves as a reminder to individuals about the significance of leaving a lasting impact through charitable bequests. By actively promoting Make-A-Will Month, nonprofits can encourage supporters to consider including the organization in their wills or estate plans. This form of legacy giving can significantly contribute to your long-term sustainability and enable you to continue your vital work. 
  • Strengthening Donor Relationships. By engaging in discussions around wills and estate planning, nonprofits can foster deeper connections with their supporters. Encouraging individuals to consider charitable giving as part of their legacy allows you to build stronger relationships and demonstrate your commitment to their philanthropic values. It also provides an opportunity for personalized conversations and gratitude for their generosity. 
  • Diversifying Funding Sources. Relying solely on traditional fundraising methods can limit an organization’s financial stability. Encouraging supporters to include your nonprofit in their estate plans through Make-A-Will Month opens new avenues for funding. Bequests, endowments, and other forms of planned gifts can provide a steady and predictable source of income, allowing you to further your mission and expand your impact. 
  • Securing the Future. Nonprofits often face uncertainty due to changing funding landscapes, economic fluctuations, or unexpected events. By actively participating in Make-A-Will Month, you can encourage your donors and supporters to take proactive steps in planning for their futures. This, in turn, helps to ensure that your organization receives sustained support even during challenging times. 

To leverage the opportunities presented by Make-A-Will Month, you can undertake the following actions: 

  • Outreach and Education. Promote the campaign through your communication channels, including newsletters, social media platforms, and website. Provide educational resources about the benefits of planned giving and how individuals can include your nonprofit in their wills or estate plans. 
  • Partner with Estate Planning Professionals. Collaborate with estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals who can provide guidance to your supporters during Make-A-Will Month. Host informational sessions or webinars to help individuals navigate the process and understand the impact of charitable bequests. 
  • Personalized Engagement. Reach out to your existing donors and supporters individually to discuss legacy giving options and the impact it can have on your organization’s future. Express gratitude for their ongoing support and demonstrate how their planned gifts can contribute to your mission. 

Make-A-Will Month offers a unique opportunity for nonprofits to engage with supporters, secure long-term funding, and build stronger relationships. By actively participating in this campaign, you can ensure the sustainability and continued success of your organization. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss strategies for leveraging Make-A-Will Month further, schedule a free consultation today. And be sure to download our Make-A-Will Month Toolkit. Together, we can create a lasting impact and strengthen our future.