Make Planned Giving Your Donors’ Resolution!

6 Takeaways from the 2022 CGP Conference

Lots of us make New Year’s resolutions, and once in a while we even follow through! When we complete one, it’s usually because we started with a good plan.  

Many of your donors probably have “make a will” near the top of their lists. Without a plan, however, it often gets postponed or pushed aside for things that seem more urgent.  

Give your supporters the inspiration they need!

Help them start thinking about the legacy they will leave behind. Remind them of what people and causes are dear to them, and give them a chance to think through what kind of mark they want to leave on the world. 

This is the perfect time to tell them about ethical wills rather than a bunch of technical planned giving terms. A list of confusing giving vehicles or tax terminology is daunting and only encourages people to procrastinate. An ethical will gets to the heart of the donor, helping them to dream about creating something that will continue long after they are gone.  

An ethical will is an opportunity to tell family and friends how much they are loved and what things matter most to them, and it can come in many different forms: 

  • A letter with personal stories
  • A list of who should get the things that have sentimental value
  • A file of important accounts and other information 

In the process of thinking about the legacy of love that they want to leave for their family, your donors will also start to think about other aspects of their legacy, including their plans for supporting causes they care about.

Our free, downloadable Ethical Will Worksheet will help your donors consider the impact they will have on their loved ones, the causes they care about, and the world. Offer it to your donors as they contemplate another new year, and keep the legacy conversation going.