Podcasts that Propel Us Forward

Podcasts that Inspire Our DEI Work

You already know that diversity, equity and inclusion are important values for your nonprofit—it’s the only way we can move toward a more just system for all stakeholders. And you know that nonprofits are more informed and better equipped to do their missional work when diverse voices are included in their processes.  

To enhance the learning you are already doing, here are a few podcasts that will encourage you on the road to a more equitable future; all you need is a pair of earbuds as you take a walk or drive to the grocery store.  

  1. Nonprofit Jenni I’m Not Interested in Equality Because Equality Isn’t Good Enough 
    An excellent conversation about equality vs. equity. Jenni also has several other great DEI-related episodes.
  2. The Fundraising Talent Podcast How can fundraising professionals push a little harder on their DEI efforts? 
    The conversation turns to ways that nonprofits can have not only a diverse staff of fundraisers, but also make sure they have access to the tools they need to be great at it.
  3. Fundraising Voices from RNL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Advancement: Farzana Nayani and Christina Hall 
    The discussion on this episode focuses on the “why” of DEI; two episodes from February of this year talk about diversifying fundraising teams.
  4. Bring Your Own Chair Dominique Calixte: Peer Mentorship for Young Women of Color in the Nonprofit & Philanthropic Sector
    Mentoring is important for any young professional, but even more so when few in your profession looks like you.
  5. Inside Social Innovation with SSIR Learning How to Listen to Beneficiaries
    Creating feedback loops that let you know how well you are serving your communities is key to hearing 
    all of the important voices.
  6. Dare to Lead with Brené Brown Aiko Bethea with Brenéon Inclusivity at Work:The Heart of Hard Conversations 
    Aiko and 
    Brené talk about how important—and hard—it is to have empathetic and accountable conversations about DEI. In “part two” (February 8, 2021) the two reunite to explore Creating Transformative Cultures.
  7. Code Switch A Shot in the Dark 
    Code Switch is a podcast that explores many different facets of race. This 
    particular episode examines the reasons that people of color are hesitant to be vaccinated against COVID-19 medicine, demonstrating the extreme importance of being a trustworthy institution in your community.
  8. Nice White Parents
    Last summer’s 5-episode series reports on the affects that white parents have had on their nearby public schools, even when few ever sent their kids to them. One facet of the story revolves around a fundraising effort by a group of white parents whose children attend a school-within-a-school program. Their epic failure to understand the culture of the larger community alienates the other parents and children.
  9. The Danger of a Single Story
    Okay, this one isn’t a podcast, it’s a 
    TED talk, but you should watch it anyway. Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie lays out a clear case for why we need to hear many different stories about a person or a group of people to avoid stereotyping. This is excellent information for fundraisers laying out the stories of their constituents.

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