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Don't Sleep on Your Message 1

Do you ever wish there were three of you? One who gets all the urgent tasks on track, one who tackles the big, long-term projects, and one who sits on the beach or hits the golf course? Well, we can’t help you with the beach or golf course, but we can handle a big, long-term project for you—legacy giving. 

According to Giving USA, strategic planning is getting shorter and shorter. “Five-year strategic plans have been the standard, but we expect the shift towards shorter timelines to continue… There are many benefits to a shorter strategic plan. For nonprofits, a shorter timeline means more opportunities to engage key stakeholders in the plan’s drafting and execution. A shorter span also creates a sense of urgency—and increases the likelihood that the plan will be fully implemented.” 

This is all true, and it’s great advice. But it’s also true that planned giving is not a short-term strategic goal. You can’t shorten the length of the job to a two-year goal. Helping donors build their legacies takes time. You need to get to know them. Helping just one donor make the right legacy choices involves knowing a lot, including: 

  • What brought them to you in the first place 
  • Why they care about your cause 
  • What ways they can partner in your work 
  • Which stage of life they are in 
  • What they would want their legacy to look like 
  • What donor vehicles would be best for them 
  • How you can be of service to them 

Sounds time consuming doesn’t it? That’s just for one donor. Now multiply that by 2,000, or 10,000, or 30,000! 

Let us be the “extra you”—we will help keep the donor conversation going. Like a computer program running in the background while you deal with urgent goals and deadlines, our continuing automated dialog with your donors will keep the long-term project on track. Get started with us today!