Make Your Work 10% Easier

Three Steps to Creating a Successful Planned Giving Budget 1

Annual giving gets all the attention. It often feels you are left chasing the same people—and the same dollars—year after year. 

You love your organization and you invest in its mission. So do your donors! But the yearly chase for funding can feel relentless. There is a way to lighten the load. 

About 10% of overall total giving in the United States comes in the form of bequests. If your organization’s results aren’t near that, maybe they should be. Ten percent of your annual budget could already be provided for you! 

Statistics also say that donors who name an organization in their estate plan will also increase their annual giving. That makes any new bequest notification a win-win-win! More dollars this year, more dollars in the future, and less for you to chase down. 

How do you make it happen? We have some ideas for you: 

Honestly, we are just full of ideas for ways to help you communicate with more donors for more results while using less of your time, so contact us today. Or, if you are attending the upcoming AFP ICON in New Orleans, swing by our booth (#1123) and say hello!