Want to know who has named your nonprofit in their will?

Want to know who has left a planned gift in will?

Do you want to know which donors have named your organization in their wills? We can help. When it comes to planned giving, the first and most commonly understood step is to learn the basics about your donors. Here are some demographics you need: 

  • Age 
  • Marital status 
  • Number of children 
  • How long they’ve been on your donor file 
  • How regularly they give 

Then there are some less obvious things to find out. 

  • How did they learn about you? 
  • Why is your work important to them? 
  • Are they willing to talk about your work with others? 
  • How well do they think you handle finances? 

It mostly sounds like common sense, right? But that’s a lot of information to learn—it could make for a weird and lengthy phone call! And if you have 2,000, or 5,000, or 50,000 donors, how is it possible to learn all of this about each of them?  

If you did call them all, you would have the basic information that would tell you who is most likely to give through the will. How do you find out who has actually named you? 

It’s human nature to wait until life events encourage or compel us to create or update estate plans. That timing doesn’t fit neatly with a phone campaign or a single survey. It’s important to keep that conversation going and to keep the idea of a bequest or other planned giving on the mind of the donor so that when the time comes, it’s a natural choice to add your organization to their plans. 

Canopy’s unique “automated conversation” can keep that idea in the donors’ minds, inspiring them to see your work as a part of their own legacy, and at the same time you learn more about each donor and find the best prospects for follow up phone calls or other outreach.

Let us help you show the results of your work and make it easier at the same time. Set up a 15-minute call to learn how it works!